Release Management

Do you need to properly manage your software from its development stage up to its release stage? Most developers are meticulous in terms of developing software and that is why they tend to make sure that every stage of software development will work well. Software release management is a well known process in terms of software management to ensure the success of developing software release. Although, software release management is a new process in the field of software engineering but it successfully caught the attention of many software developers so that they can also effectively develop their software.

It is indeed a useful software system that can empower many software developers acquire great benefits and reduce the possible failure associated with software development. No doubt, release management is a very important system that can help many people in terms of software development.

Why You Should Get Release Management?

  • It can guarantee success of your software development processes. It can also give a long term value to your software. It adds evolution on the complexity of your software processes.
  • It is essential that you get release management so that you can reduce the possible failure of your project. Software development will relatively require you to exert effort, time and spend a large amount of money. It is also a good investment that can help you earn money. It is the main reason why you should ensure success of your software development project.
  • It can help you see the possible loopholes of your software development project. Early detection of possible loopholes can empower you to develop useful and relevant solutions so that you can increase the success rate of your software development project.
  • It promotes integration, deployment and testing support for your software development project.  The good flow of your software development project is important so that you will acquire successful software development flow and processes.
  • Release managers can help you manage all software development processes. Your release manager must be knowledgeable enough so that he or she can effectively perform all important tasks in terms of developing software up to its releasing stage.

What are the roles of Release Managers?

  • Release manager may serve as a facilitator – As a facilitator, he or she serves as the liaison between different stakeholders. He or she also needs to promote the smooth and time conscious software updates and products delivery.
  • Release manager may serve as a gatekeeper – He or she will hold keys in terms of applications and production systems. The release manager needs to take responsibility on the implementation of all the plans and stages.
  • Release manager may serve as an architect – the release manager will also act like an architect because he or she needs to identify, make and implement different relevant processes, services or products and to effectively manage the code release.
  • Release manager may serve as a support engineer – a release manager will help in troubleshooting some problems related in the software development and other processes.
  • Release manager may serve as a coordinator – a release manager needs to coordinate with his or her teams and other concern stakeholders to either give some reports and updates.