Reliable Mobile App Store Management (MASM)

The way how employees are working is also changing as time passes by and this can be influenced by mobile applications. This will be helping them become well-connected to the entire enterprise resources, increasing employee’s productivity rate as well as promoting a well-established collaboration between colleagues.

The Mobile App Store Management or MASM is one of the greatest ways of addressing the different challenges such as acquiring, distributing, securing as well as tracking mobile applications. Talking more about this, there are numerous companies which are offering this kind of system and all of them are coming along with unique features. These specific features will be providing them the chance of knowing them by a large number of people as well as choosing them as their primary provider.

Moreover, for you to get glimpse of what this MASM or Mobile App Store Management can do for you, here are some information about it you might get interested on.

  • The MASM is providing improved productivity rate. This is by giving the user easier access to all the apps that they need to go through a specific app store. This is done by hosting both private and public apps, supporting apps through the use of different app technology for mobiles, supporting a sign-on for every enterprise apps that will ensuring the user a positive experience as well as have the capabilities of gathering feedback from the users.
  • MASM of some companies have improved its security mechanism wherein once integrated the mobile phone becomes more secured. The features include creating custom policies, pushing policy updates for every app with no required fresh installation, there is a secured space for storage that the user can share and it is securing both Android and iOS applications.
  • The system is maintaining a device security as well as inventory through the use of console tools enabling the user to keep all the devices’ hardware inventory with installed corporate apps, integrating an asset management via web services, wiping enterprises data as well as apps, and having the ability of detecting rooted devices and jailbroken preventing unauthorized person to access the app.
  • A reporting console is also integrated in which it can control as well as having an insight of the whole growth of the program. This is through customizing reports meant for different devices or app management teams, scheduling reports, installing app, setting rules for specific policy violations and tracing changes through the use of reports and audit trails automatically.

All of these are just some of the features that a system of Mobile App Store Management can do. Moreover, there are certain companies which are having all these but more improved. Choose the provider who has already an experience of doing the job, not that expensive and most especially equipped with people who can provide you all the solutions you need meeting all your requirements.

The Mobile App Store Management is really important if you want to lead in the business scene. Use it wisely and appropriately for you may not know, it is already the one you barely need to success.