Convert Existing Native Code to Cross Platform: The Benefits of Doing So

In building functionality and content, different types of mobile platforms can be used. Through this, you will be able to choose one that suites your needs as well as making you liable for lower costs. This can be either native code or cross platform. But when is the best time to convert existing native code to cross platform? Learn more about it here.

There are a lot of CPT’s or Cross-platform tools available in the market and if you are interested of turning your choice to this one, there are factors that you need to consider. These are the following:


Mobile platforms have their own uniqueness and goes along with different designs depending on how a specific company wanted it to be. There are different sizes made for custom icons. There are also numerous multiple screens as well as aspects rations that are needed to consider. Densities of the multiple screen and the sizes of the image are also include in the factors. Furthermore, the app designer should be skilled enough when it come Android and iOS designs. And the designs should be different which will be showcasing two completely code streams.

Technical Limitations

Each type of cross- platform is supporting only a subset of a specific functionality which is included in each of the native platform. When there are no new capabilities introduced to native platform, there is a higher risk of losing a major opportunity. There are also chances that some of the functionality is requiring the development of certain plug-ins needed to integrated in each of the native platform. When this circumstance becomes unanticipated, the project will become more costly as well as time-consuming. If this is the case, there is a need to ensure that all apps are build appropriately and to make it more efficient, it should be following the technological parameters brought by native platforms.


Before integrating any of the CPT, you should be knowledgeable about the risks this is capable of producing. To prevent this from happening, you might as well hire professional developers that will be creating the app through the use of a specific CPT. This will be helping you in realizing that the functionality is primarily in need of plug-ins or native code. But the time spent for designing, coding or even hiring are found to be costly.

Cross platform can be used in different aspects. These include apps for online store, social networking coming along with cool features and video games. Aside from the above mentioned thing, there are still other factors that needed to be considered such as platform requirements, technology requirements, performance requirements as well as design constraints.

The Bottom Line

If all these things are within the capabilities of the CPT you have chosen, then you may continue on integrating for it will definitely be catering you all your needs. Remember, sue the technology which is already proven so that you will not be encountering bothering problems in the future. Choose the one that is good for investment and at the same time providing you mobile for the whole experience of creating mobile apps.